Loaded Chubby Unicorn Review

The Chubby Unicorn
Loaded’s Downhill monster

Loaded just came up with a new longboard to add to your arsenal, the Chubby Unicorn. With it’s tri-Fiberglass deck, it reminds us a little bit of the Loaded Dervish, a little bit. The deck is shaped in a symmetrical way including a 4.75 inch Tail and nose. The size of the deck itself is 9.75 x 42.25 with the singular base of the wheels laying at 28.25 inch.

Riding the Chubby Unicorn

Again, the best part of reviewing any board which is made by loaded. We loved the Loaded Dervish and we’ll also love this animal (pun intended)! The Chubby Unicorn is the downhill board that everybody has been waiting for. After hitting some hills in L.A. on this extremely stable board, we came to the conclusion that this board might be the next standard when it comes to downhill riding. Add some Orangutan wheels and you’ll be able to slide down the hill like a beast!


Length: 42.24
Width: 9.74
Wheelbase: 28.24
Kick Length: 7
Weight 4.8


The Loaded Chubby Unicorn is one hell of a downhill-board however, it does come with a price tag. If you are someone on a budget, you might wanna check out some other downhill boards like the Comet Voodoo.

If you aren’t conserned about money though, you’ll find that the Chubby Unicorn is one of a kind. It’s extremely durable and stable. With all the features Loaded’s added to this board, it’s hard not to love it.

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